Dear Customer,

We have spent the last five years working with sports scientists and athletes to develop and test our new generation of 2:1 fructose and caffeine based drinks. I am absolutely confident that you will race faster, further and stronger when following the High5 Advanced Nutrition Guides. If you do not, then I will personally send you a cheque for a refund for the High5 product you have purchased.

Best wishes for the season

Tim Atkinson (Technical Director – High5 Sports Nutrition)

As part of our fair use policy, we simply ask you to try our products in two different races before applying for a refund. This is because every athlete occasional has an “off day” which may not be related to the performance of our nutrition. You MUST also follow the guidelines in our Advanced Nutrition Guide. Our money back refund is limited to the value of High5 products, excluding any shipping if purchased by mail order. To apply for a refund, click on the link below and complete the Money Back Claim Form. After you have returned this form, I will call you, at a convenient time, to discuss the problems you experienced. The information will be used to help other athletes and may enable us to improve our products. This money back guarantee is limited to a first trial using sachet pack sizes. We may require unused products to be returned depending on the nature of the problems experienced and if that is the case we will cover the cost of shipping. All refunds will need to be accompanied by a valid till receipt or invoice for our internal accounting purposes.

Money Back Claim Form