Drugs Free Statement

As fellow athletes and believers in clean and fair sport, we take our anti doping policy very seriously. High5 and other sports nutrition brands are essentially food companies no different to those who supply your breakfast cereal and pose a similar risk of cross contamination from banned substances. We have put in place protocols to ensure that there is no credible risk of WADA banned substances in High5 products.

The sports supplement industry is very broad, it ranges from companies like ourselves who are supplying modified food and our ingredients are the same as those found in many, many supermarket food products and supplied by the same raw material suppliers. The other end of the scale are body building supplement companies selling an array of products which may contain questionable material. Unfortunately we are all lumped under the same heading.

We are completely transparent in the procedures we have in place so that you can always be confident when using High5 products:

No High5 product contains an ingredient found on the 2015 World Anti Doping Association (WADA) prohibited list, with the exception of glycerine in EnergyBars (more info below). No High5 product contains the ingredient DMAA (Dimethylamylamine). We choose our suppliers very carefully and always discuss banned or questionable substances with them.

Our manufacturing sites are BRC accredited. This is the lead trade association for the entire retail industry and sets extremely high standards for manufacturing. Where we use contract manufacturers, they have been carefully selected. These companies manufacture “normal” food products and have Informed Sport accreditation or similar strict protocols in place to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination during manufacture. We have confirmation that no banned substances are used on any of our manufacturing sites.

Testing and a perfect track record:
With all these protocols in place, there is no credible risk of WADA banned substances in High5 products. Like our competitor brands, we do random batch testing for banned substances throughout the year to verify the procedures we have put in place. It’s no surprise that no High5 product has ever tested positive for a WADA banned substance. We have been supplying sport nutrition products for over 20 years to elite and professional athletes without any adverse reports in relation to WADA banned substances. Samples of every batch are kept throughout the products shelf life.

Still not convinced?
As products are manufactured to BRC standards, are free from banned substances and tested randomly for WADA banned substances, there should be no reason that you need a product batch that has been specifically tested. However, we understand that some athletes would still prefer to use products that have been specifically WADA tested. We offer a selection of tested products via our online shop. If you require additional products or you live outside the UK then please contact us: info@highfive.co.uk. Find out more about substance testing via Informed Sport.

Informed Sport
Informed Sport is described as “a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities”. Although we have similar protocols in place, we have simply chosen not to buy a license for Informed Sport but chosen to use different protocols, while you can still be confident that our products do not contain anything that they shouldn’t!

Some High5 products contain caffeine. Although this is not on the WADA prohibited list, some sporting bodies have their own rules limiting caffeine. Please refer to your sporting body for guidance.

Glycerine in EnergyBars:
At high levels glycerine can be used by athletes to hide traces of other substances. The High5 EnergyBar and 4:1 Training Bar both contain glycerine at low levels, as do a large number of commonly available foods. It is recognised by WADA that glycerine forms part of the normal diet and a high threshold has been set to acknowledge this. There is a urinary threshold published in the scientific literature to distinguish dietary intake of glycerol/glycerine from its use as a plasma expander.

We contacted WADA and after considering the amount of glycerine in EnergyBar, they stated that “regarding your EnergyBar and based upon the information you provided below, the risk of a positive anti-doping test based on normal consumption is negligible.” Should you have any remaining concerns, please contact us at info@highfive.co.uk or simply don’t use our EnergyBar and 4:1 Training Bar.

Tim Atkinson

(Director – High5 Sports Nutrition)